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Light Cut Compound

Light Cut Compound

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  • Formulated by Yiannimize and made in Great Britain
  • Designed for use prior to finishing and polishing or protection
  • Suitable for rotary and dual action polishing systems
  • Formulated with diminishing abrasives and kaolin clay to refine and cleanse paintwork
Discover your cutting edge! Yiannimize Light Cut Compound is specially formulated to give you extra cutting power when polishing your vehicle. That deeper cut will leave behind a great finish that you will be proud of.  

Formulated by the guru, Yianni himself, the brief was clear… “make the BEST Light Cut Compound that can be used regularly and this is gentle yet powerful enough to lightly cut.” Of course, Yianni doesn’t mess about, waste time or resources, so neither did the team. Yiannimize Light Cut Compound will give you that deeper cut when required. Use the Yiannimize Light Cut Compound before your polish and finish to protect the paintwork. Suitable on all paint colours
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Additional Product Information

Usage Directions

Apply 2-5 pea sized drops to machine polisher or by hand, Work on a small area at low speed to spread compound, then increase intensity and area, Once polish has dried to a haze, buff with a clean microfibre cloth, and Do NOT use on wrapped or matt finishes

Yianni’s Top Tip

Apply inside a garage or in a shaded area.