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Leather 2 In 1 Cleaner

Leather 2 In 1 Cleaner

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  • Formulated by Yiannimize and made in Great Britain
  • Dual action leather cleaner and conditioner
  • Moisturises and replenishes natural oils, extending the life of your leather
  • A must-have for regular and efficient  maintenance of all leather interiors  
  • Safe to use on all interior leather surfaces
Love your leather with the Yiannimize Leather 2 In 1 Cleaner. Specially formulated to clean and protect all leather.  Not only does the Yiannimize Leather 2 In 1 Cleaner clean your leather it also conditions it for a richer finish.

Formulated by the guru, Yianni himself, the brief was clear…“make the best Leather 2 In 1 Cleaner that can clean all leather surfaces.” Of course, Yianni doesn’t mess about, waste time or resources, so neither did the team. This incredible cleaner also moisturises and replenishes natural oils, whilst conditioning the leather for a great finish. With the quick action spray, Yiannimize Leather 2 in 1 Cleaner is quick and easy to apply. Ideal for daily use.
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Usage Directions

Spray directly onto leather, Spread evenly across the surface using a microfibre cloth, and Wipe over with a second microfiber cloth to absorb excess product

Yianni’s Top Tip

For ingrained dirt, you can agitate with a detailing brush.