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Interior Finish & Protect

Interior Finish & Protect

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  • Formulated by Yiannimize and made in Great Britain
  • Easy to use spray on application
  • Dual performance, multi-purpose cleaner, finishes and protects
  • Quick and easy to apply to all interior surfaces, bringing them back to life
The perfect finish inside and out. Yiannimize Interior Finish & Protect, specially formulated to clean and protect all of your vehicle’s interior.

Formulated by the guru, Yianni himself, the brief was clear… ”Design and create the very BEST Interior Finish product that can offer long lasting protection.” Of course, Yianni doesn’t mess about, waste time or resources, so neither did the team. The incredible dual performance Interior Finish & Protect can be used on all surfaces and finishes in the vehicle. It is ideal to use after you have cleaned the vehicle and will offer a great final finish and long-lasting protection to all surfaces. Interior Finish & Protect will also help restore old and tired surfaces. Ideal for daily use.
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Additional Product Information

Usage Directions

Apply directly to target areas and Wipe over with a microfibre cloth for a perfectly crisp finish

Yianni’s Top Tip

For a simple satin finish on the go, simply dilute the solution and work as above.