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Ceramic Quick Detailer

Ceramic Quick Detailer

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  • Formulated by Yiannimize and made in Great Britain
  • Specially enhanced protection for ultimate water beading
  • Provides an effective and protective coating to all paintwork types
  • Long lasting direct & weather protection
  • Quick and easy spray and buff
  • High hydrophobic (water beading) protection that sheets water in seconds
  • Perfect for all Wraps, PPF and Matt finishes
Get ready for super ceramics! Yiannimize Ceramic Quick Detailer, specially formulated to quickly bond to the paintwork and offer maximum hydrophobic (water beading) protection in seconds.

Formulated by the guru, Yianni himself, the brief was clear… “make the best Ceramic Quick Detailer that can be used on ALL paint types, wraps, matt finishes and PPF.  Of course, Yianni doesn’t mess about, waste time or resources, so neither did the team. Yiannimize Ceramic Quick Detailer offers maximum hydrophobic (water beading) protection that sheets water in seconds. Not only will it repel water, it also repels dust and dirt, keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer. Ideal for daily use!  
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Additional Product Information

Usage Directions

Lightly spray onto a damp microfibre cloth, Work into a lattice pattern, one panel at a time, ensuring even coverage, Leave to cure for no longer than 30 seconds, Buff again with a microfibre cloth, and Do not apply in direct sunlight or if the paintwork is warm to touch

Yianni’s Top Tip

For best results, apply in a cool, shaded area and work one panel at a time to ensure the product does not fully dry.